Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Kettering, OH

Dual diagnosis is a serious problem in the United States. As many as 9 million people are affected by co-existing disorders that involve an addiction as well as a mental illness or mood disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment in Kettering is advanced and follows the best medical practices for treating simultaneous disorders that involve substance addiction.

By entering dual diagnosis rehab, addicts can learn to manage both of their conditions successfully even if they cannot be entirely cured. Often, dual diagnosis for addiction requires life-long management, but with innovative therapies and learned strategies, sufferers can achieve a high degree of normalcy for their lives and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Dual Diagnosis Explained

Since roughly a third of people who experience substance addiction also have a coinciding mental disorder, the term dual diagnosis is applied. Also known as co-existing disorders or concurrent disorders, dual diagnosis can dramatically affect a person's mental and physical health. Coping with one or the other of these diseases is challenging enough, but when both present together, individuals may find themselves in a debilitated state and certainly unable to manage these illnesses on their own.

Dual diagnosis treatment in Kettering offers simultaneous treatment designed to help addicts manage both of their conditions. Although each disease is separate from the other, they do exacerbate each other, which can reduce the addict's quality of life and lead to more progressed disease states.

Upon entering a dual diagnosis treatment center, sufferers will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of their disorders. They may be unaware that it is their diseases that cause them to shy away from their families or social circles or cause them to engage in risky and even illegal behaviors. People who experience concurrent disorders may engage in behaviors that risk their health and finances or cause them to damage important relationships.

Dual diagnosis for addiction treatment can help addicts prevent further damage to their lives and health. Addiction will inevitably compromise a person's physical health and profoundly affect their mental health. Without help from dual diagnosis treatment programs, people are apt to see a worsening of their conditions.

What Is the Connection between Dual Diagnosis and Addiction?

People who suffer from dual diagnosis generally experience one condition, which may either be substance addiction or a mental illness that tends to pave the way for the occurrence of the other. According to dual diagnosis treatment programs, it's not uncommon for a person to quite literally impose a mental illness on themselves with their chronic drug or alcohol use.

Over time, abuse of these substances alters the brain, and these changes may be exhibited as a mental health problem like depression or anxiety. On the other hand, some people start off with a mental illness like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or OCD and discover that using alcohol or drugs, even prescription drugs, alleviates their symptoms. If they begin to use these substances excessively and develop a tolerance to subsequent increased doses, they can develop substance addiction.

What Are Common Types of Co-Existing Disorders?

People who obtain dual diagnosis treatment in Kettering may present to addiction specialists any combination of disorders. However, many treatment centers find that some combinations seem to go hand in hand more often than others. For instance, one of the most common co-existing disorders is depression and alcoholism. Post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers commonly present with addictions to opiate-based painkillers.

Other common combinations include marijuana and schizophrenia, cocaine and anxiety, and heroin and depression. At a dual diagnosis treatment facility, sufferers of co-existing disorders like these can receive the medical help they need to effectively manage these serious health conditions.

The Importance of Getting Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Kettering

Ignoring a health issue is never a good idea, but ignoring two concurrent health problems can lead to considerable chaos in one's life. Sufferers who get help at a dual diagnosis treatment center may not find a cure for their diseases, but they will learn to safely and effectively manage them. Undergoing medical detox in Kettering and obtaining medical management of mental health condition can place an addict on the road to recovery.

When entering a dual diagnosis treatment facility, sufferers will be carefully evaluated to determine exactly what their health issues are and how to best treat them. Learning to abstain from drugs or alcohol is one part of the recovery process and finding the best medications and strategies for their mental health disorder is another part of their dual diagnosis for addiction treatment.

Taken together, simultaneous treatments can be immensely successful for helping addicts achieve long-term recovery and optimize disease management. If you think you have concurrent disorders, be sure to visit our dual diagnosis rehab in Kettering so you can be evaluated and treated.

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