Relapse Prevention in Kettering, OH

The long road to addiction recovery does not always take a straight path. Relapse plagues many recovering individuals and threatens to derail their recovery journey. Relapse prevention in Kettering is designed to equip recovering addicts with strategies that can help prevent relapse.

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs specifically target the serious problem of relapse and focus on ways to help addicts steer clear of addictive substances and maintain their hard-won life of sobriety. Because relapse is a significant problem among those recovering from substance addiction, relapse prevention programs have developed highly effective strategies for warding off this aspect of the disease of addiction.

What Is Relapse?

Even after treatment for substance addiction, many people in recovery are still vulnerable to cravings for drugs or alcohol and may even miss aspects of their former life such as old social circles. Maintaining a sober life is challenging for people who suffer from substance addiction, especially within that first year after initial treatment has been completed. While many people think that relapse involves only the physical aspect of using drugs or alcohol again, it's actually a process that begins with negative emotions.

According to relapse prevention addiction treatment specialists, relapse tends to occur in three distinct stages. The first stage is the mental relapse phase where the individual begins to have difficulty coping with stress and negative emotions like anger or sadness. The second stage of relapse is known as the mental phase. In this phase, the individual begins to fantasize about drug or alcohol use.

They may even reconnect with former social groups where these substances are abused. By hanging out in bars or at parties, they put themselves in the way of temptation. The final stage occurs when they actually drink or use drugs again. With relapse prevention in Kettering, recovering individuals can learn how to identify these stages and how to stop relapse from progressing to the final stage.

How Can Relapse Prevention Treatment Help?

Drug relapse prevention helps people in recovery learn to effectively refrain from drug or alcohol use. This help is often customized, of course, because addicts have different sets of triggers that historically caused them to experience those negative emotions or may come from backgrounds that set them on the path to substance addiction. During relapse prevention in Kettering, addiction specialists and therapists can help addicts identify issues in their background that became triggers for their drug or alcohol use.

With relapse prevention addiction treatment, they can work through these issues to develop strategies for coping in healthy ways. Other addicts may need to practice mindfulness in order to cope with negative emotions. Others may need strategies that help them avoid negative social situations.

Many relapse prevention treatment programs rely on tried-and-true methodologies like 12-step programs, long-term cognitive behavioral therapy, or family therapy. Our treatment for dual diagnosis in Kettering covers the possibility of a simultaneous mental disease. These therapy types each feature a strong relapse prevention component. Addiction specialists at your addiction relapse prevention center may recommend one methodology or another for specific persons based on their particular situation. It's also perfectly fine for individuals in recovery to opt on their own to participate in helpful therapies like equine therapy, music therapy, or restorative yoga. These therapies are gaining more prominence as viable means for relapse prevention in Kettering.

Addiction Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Too often, people make the mistake of believing that just because they've completed intensive addiction therapy, they're cured or immune to relapse. That isn't the case. Relapse most often occurs in the initial year after the completion of a treatment program. During this period, people are still trying to make a habit of newly learned coping strategies and may still experience strong cravings.

To help people in recovery ward off the risk of relapse, aftercare programs are highly recommended. Programs like AA and NA allow people in recovery to participate indefinitely. Many people, particularly those who have a negative home life or lack support, seem to fight the urge to use drugs or alcohol better when living at a half-way house or sober living community.

During their relapse prevention in Kettering, recovering individuals will learn that relapse does not mean they are a failure. It does mean that they require more treatment to help them control their triggers and maintain their goal for sobriety.

Relapse prevention treatment programs provide this treatment in a knowledgeable and caring environment. If you are worried about maintaining your sobriety and know you need help, be sure to visit drug and relapse prevention programs in order to successfully meet your goal for long-term recovery.

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