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Substance addiction is a chronic disease that is frequently progressive if treatment is not obtained. Addiction is a disease that's driven by compulsion and involves behavioral, mental, and physical dependencies on an addictive substance. These dependencies will not go away without the help of rehab treatment programs. In fact, without treatment, addicts continue to risk their mental and physical health. Rehab treatment programs in Kettering are designed to help addicts manage their disease so they can lead healthful and fulfilling lives again.

If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs, Kettering Drug Rehab Centers will help.

What Is Drug Addiction Treatment?

Rehab treatment programs for addiction take a multi-type approach to combating this chronic disease. Rehab treatment programs in Kettering will begin with careful assessment of the addict. Usually, an addiction specialist will perform an interview to learn about the type of substance the individual has been abusing. Sometimes other medical healthcare providers are invited to the evaluation if a dual diagnosis or some other health problem is suspected. All of this is done within a caring environment with the goal of recommending a customized treatment plan for the addict.

Our dual diagnosis treatment programs in Kettering treat both the psychological disorder and addiction so that they can recover effectively. If a patient has a dual diagnosis, then both conditions must be addressed.

After the individual is evaluated to determine care needs, they will typically undergo medical detox. During this phase of rehab treatment programs, the addict must be weaned of the addictive substance so that they can overcome their physical reliance on it. During rehab treatment programs in Kettering, the addict will be treated to reduce the intensity of any withdrawal symptoms that occur. They will also be monitored to ensure that no health complications arise in our drug detox center in Kettering.

Upon completion of medical detox, drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs rely on multiple therapies to help addicts overcome their psychological and behavioral dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Common types of rehab treatment programs in Kettering include cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, individual counseling, family therapy, and even some alternative types of treatments that might include restorative yoga or art therapy.

How Are These Therapies Effective for Treating Addiction?

According to psychiatrists, cognitive behavioral therapy remains as one of the most effective ways to treat substance addiction and why it is often a cornerstone of today's drug addiction treatment programs. As an evidence-based treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy taps into addict's outlook about themselves and world. It addresses how their actions affect their feelings and thoughts. During the course of their drug rehab treatment programs, this form of therapy will help them to regulate negative emotions and problematic behaviors.

During rehab treatment programs in Kettering, addicts may also come across a therapy known as "motivational interviewing." This type of therapy has been increasing in popularity owing to its success rates. During this treatment, therapists used positive motivation to encourage changed behavior within their patients. Patients may be encouraged to tap into their spiritual beliefs or to set healthy goals for themselves. Many rehab treatment programs include these and other therapies to reach many different patients who have varied needs.

How Can I Choose a Therapy That's Right for Me?

When it comes time to select a treatment regimen that's best for you, it's important to talk over the recommendations of your drug addiction treatment specialist. You can explain what you're comfortable with as well as what may intimidate you about therapy. An addiction specialist can guide you to treatments that are likely to be effective for your needs.

On the other hand, you may be inspired to participate in a specific type of rehab treatment. For example, you may want to explore the benefits of art therapy, especially if communicating verbally is uncomfortable to you. You may also find that a 12-step program like AA or NA offers the recovery framework and experience you're searching for.

Experts suggest that addicts should not be afraid to explore alternative therapies when they select drug rehab treatment programs. Although many of these programs are not yet evidence-based, meaning they don't have a large body of scientific research behind them, there is considerable experiential evidence; that is, recovering individuals have voiced he positive effects these therapies have had on their addiction management. Some of the best-known alternative treatments include restorative yoga, art therapy, and music therapy.

If you are addicted to prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol, drug and alcohol treatment programs can help you manage this disease effectively. Be sure to explore available rehab treatment programs in Kettering so you can safeguard your health and happiness. With treatment, recovery is possible.

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