Alcohol Abuse in Kettering, OH

Alcoholism has long been a problem for Americans. As the fourth most-preventable cause of death in the nation, this chronic disease affects sufferers as well as their families. Alcohol abuse in Kettering continues to be a serious issue for people, but alcohol abuse rehab centers can help addicts end their cycle of abuse and learn to manage the disease of substance addiction.

If you or a loved one is living with alcohol addiction, it's important to seek treatment now in order to safeguard physical and mental health, and to finally achieve a better quality of life.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is often exhibited by a pattern of excessive drinking. People who abuse alcohol often continue to drink regardless of the effects that alcohol has on their lives. It must be noted that alcohol abuse is not the same as alcohol addiction. Someone who abuses alcohol may only drink on weekends, for example, while a personal suffering from alcoholism must drink far more often or they'll begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, a person who regularly abuses alcohol is at risk for developing an addiction to this substance.

People who abuse alcohol may drink until they black out or until they get physically sick. The problem with this type of drinking is that it can lay the foundation for a drinking pattern that can absolutely lead the way to full-blown addiction. According to alcohol rehab centers, many people believe that since drinking is a socially acceptable practice, their own drinking practices are okay. However, if excessive drinking is affecting your job or school, your relationships, or even your health, it's important to seek help from an alcohol abuse treatment center.

Because alcohol relapse is so common, we've established a solution for all of our patients. Our relapse prevention programs in Kettering teaches patients how to cope with a life of sobriety, while identifying relapse triggers and beat cravings.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

People suffering from alcohol abuse in Kettering may not always demonstrate the same signs and symptoms as someone else who abuses alcohol. Generally speaking, however, there are some common signs to watch out for such as reduced involvement in formerly enjoyed pursuits, loss of interest in work or school, pulling away from family and friends, depression, restlessness, and an inability to control drinking. An alcohol abuse treatment facility can help people who abuse alcohol. It's also important for people suffering with alcohol abuse in Kettering to be evaluated by an addiction specialist who distinguish whether a person has crossed over to alcohol addiction.

People who experience cravings for alcohol and have developed a high tolerance for the substance demonstrate signs of alcohol addiction. If you have ever said to yourself that you're not going to drink when going out or that you're going to limit your drinking but then do wind up drinking excessively, you are showing clear signs of an alcohol abuse or addiction problem. There is hope for managing this problem with alcohol abuse recovery, but it's vital to seek treatment at a qualified addition treatment center where you can receive alcohol abuse treatment.

What Are the Dangers of Alcohol?

The initial danger of alcohol is that it can greatly impair one's cognitive function and lead them to make erratic and even dangerous decisions such as drinking under the influence. People who engage in alcohol abuse in Kettering are at risk for suffering blackouts and memory loss and temporary loss of consciousness. Excessive drinking can cause serious physical health problems like liver disease. In some instances, over-drinking can lead to coma and even death. Chronic drinking will inevitably cause health problems, but drinkers should remember that even one instance of excessive drinking could lead to life-threatening health consequences.

Why Should I Enter Alcohol Abuse Rehab?

Once you've developed bad habits associated with alcohol, it can be difficult to break them. Moreover, if you have become addicted to alcohol, you likely can't sever your connection to this substance without alcohol abuse treatment. One of the biggest mistakes people who abuse alcohol make is that they think they have their drinking under control and that they don't need help from alcohol rehab centers. Yet, if alcohol is continuing to take a toll on their lives and health, it's apparent that they require a stay at an alcohol abuse treatment center. With our medical detox in Kettering, counseling, and other multi-type treatments, alcohol abuse recovery is possible.

Don't let alcohol poison your life and health. Alcohol abuse in Kettering is unlikely to improve without significant alcohol abuse treatment. With help from addiction specialists, recovering addicts can learn how to manage their cravings and behaviors where alcohol is concerned.

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