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Experiencing an addiction to alcohol or drugs is actually a disease that can negatively impact a sufferer's physical and mental health. Fueled by an underlying compulsion, substance addiction is not likely to improve without help from a drug detox treatment center. Addiction involves physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies that the sufferer cannot manage without long-term addiction therapy. If you are living with an addiction to an illicit drug, prescription drug, or alcohol, drug detox in Kettering can put you on the path to long-term recovery and a subsequent life of sobriety. Without drug detox for addiction, this chronic disease is likely to progress.

What Is Drug Detoxification?

Drug detoxification or drug detox as it's commonly known is a process where the addict is slowly and carefully weaned from alcohol or an addictive drug. The process is almost always associated with some degree of withdrawal, but with medical management, the withdrawal symptoms may be kept at a mild stage. Each individual is different and their response to the detox process is apt to be unique in various ways. Some people undergoing drug detox in Kettering may experience more discomfort than others based on the type of substance they are addicted to. During medical detox, healthcare providers will make sufferers as comfortable as possible and may prescribe medications or other treatments that will greatly alleviate their suffering.

What Happens during the Drug Detox Process?

Before beginning medical detox, addicts will usually undergo careful medical evaluation so that staff can understand how best to treat them. Some sufferers may require addiction treatment only, while others may also be suffering with an underlying mental health disorder or have an existing health problem that needs to be revealed. This is done by the addiction specialists that performs a screening in our dual diagnosis program in Kettering.

Drug and alcohol detox centers maintain medical staffs and employ addiction specialists who are adept at the evaluation process. After the patient is assessed, they can begin the drug detox process.

Medical detox typically lasts anywhere from three days to a couple weeks. While being weaned of the addictive substance, patients will be monitored to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible and that no health complications arise. Severe health complications can result during the withdrawal process, but our drug detox treatment facility will be equipped to handle any medical emergencies that may arise.

Because withdrawal can lead to life-threatening complications, it's essential to undergo this process at a drug detox treatment center. Experts say it's never a wise decision to detox anywhere but at a medical facility, as relapse is highly likely to occur. Our relapse prevention programs in Kettering offers patients with coping tools on how to prevent further drug use after treatment.

What Withdrawal Symptoms Are Likely to Occur during Drug Detox in Kettering?

Although some withdrawal symptoms are specifically associated with certain drugs, most addiction sufferers will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms that include both physical and mental symptoms that may be mild or progress to become quite severe. Common withdrawal symptoms that drug detox programs witness include tremors, headache, nausea and vomiting, chills, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, cravings, and insomnia.

In some cases, people will suffer hallucinations, seizures, heart irregularities, and experience suicidal thoughts. Very often, drug and alcohol detox centers can ward off the more severe symptoms through medical interventions, which is why obtaining addiction detox treatment at a certified drug detox treatment facility is essential.

Drug detox for addiction does work, but it's only the first stage in the treatment process. Detox only addresses the person's physical dependency on the addictive substance in question. It does not address any of the other powerful aspects of this disease such as its strong compulsions and psychological dependency. Drug detox in Kettering should be followed by additional therapies designed to help the recovering addict maintain sobriety after detox.

Why Do I Need Drug Detox for Addiction?

If you've experienced withdrawal symptoms when you could not have a drink or use a drug in a certain amount of time, you are very likely addicted to this substance. Since addiction is a multi-type disease, it is not a condition that can be self-treated. In other words, telling yourself that you have your drinking or drug use under control is simply untrue.

As you continue to abuse these substances your physical and mental health will deteriorate. Moreover, there is always the risk of overdose when using these substances in excess. What's an excessive amount? Many people who have overdosed thought they knew what they were doing and had their problem under control.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need drug detox for addiction. If you live in or around Kettering, there is help available through certified drug detox programs. The time to safeguard your health and future is today. Visit our addiction treatment center to begin drug detox in Kettering as soon as possible.

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