Prescription Drug Abuse in Kettering, OH

States across the U.S. are challenged to address the problem of prescription drug abuse. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 2 million people in the U.S. abuse prescription drugs and there's evidence that that number is climbing. Prescription drug abuse in Kettering is as serious as illicit drug abuse because these addictive substances can also take a toll on a person's mental and physical health and cause other problems in their life.

Through our prescription drug abuse programs, people who abuse or become addicted to prescription drugs can get the help they need to achieve long-term recovery and an improved quality of life.

What Is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse occurs when an individual uses a prescription drug in any way that deviates from the doctor's prescription or taking a prescription drug that they have not been prescribed. For instance, if you take someone else's medication, you are technically abusing a prescription medication. The problem only increases in seriousness with repeated abuses of a prescription drug.

Prescription drug abuse in Kettering is a microcosm of the abuse problem that is plaguing cities and towns throughout the country. As individuals develop tolerances to the drugs they're taking, they tend to increase their dosing. Soon, they find that they again develop a tolerance to that dose and they need to take more of the drug to experience its effects. As any prescription drug abuse center can tell you, this paves the road to addiction.

Why Are Prescription Drugs Addictive?

Some drugs are associated with a type of duality that physicians well know. A drug like morphine, for instance, is a powerful drug that's used to treat intense pain. It's often prescribed to patients after surgery or patients who may be suffering from intense pain like gallstones. On the other hand, this drug has a dark side; it is extremely addictive.

However, when taken as prescribed, patients will not experience the dark side of morphine. Many prescription drugs contain addictive properties that, on the bright side, help treat health issues. Many of these drugs affect the brain's reward center, which triggers feel-good enzymes to be released. In other words, individuals may feel great when they're under the influence of the drug. Abusing a drug to obtain this feel-good state is how people develop addictions to legal medications.

Health Risks for Prescription Drug Abuse

Abusing prescription drugs is associated with serious mental and physical health risks that are similar to many types of illicit drugs. People suffering with prescription drug abuse in Kettering face an increased risk for organ damage, particularly to the kidneys and liver, which are vulnerable to these substances. Other problems associated with prescription drug abuse include reduced cognitive function, depression, paranoia, anxiety, cravings, psychological addiction, and the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms--which signals that addiction has set in.

Prescription drug abuse can also lead to illicit drug abuse, especially when the addicted individual can't obtain the prescription drug they're addicted to. In many cases, for instance, a person addicted to opiate-based painkillers will switch to heroin owing to similarities these drugs shade.

Fortunately, your prescription drug abuse facility can help you manage your abuse problem no matter what type of drug you are using. As with alcohol addiction and illicit drug abuse, quality treatment at a prescription drug abuse center is vital for recovery. Because prescription drugs and alcohol are so easily available to the public, it's very easy for an addict to relapse. Our relapse prevention programs in Kettering teaches patients to cope with their cravings and triggers so that they can beat them effectively.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Fortunately, people suffering with prescription drug abuse in Kettering can achieve recovery by entering prescription drug abuse programs. Whether you're abusing sedatives, painkillers, or stimulants, treatments can help you address the compulsions that drive you to abuse these substances.

During prescription drug abuse treatment, individuals will be required to undergo medical detox to sever their physical dependency on the drug, but they will also need to address the psychological dependencies on the drug, which can be just as powerful. Our drug detox center in Kettering will make the detox process as painless as possible for the patient so that they are both safe and comfortable.

Prescription drug abuse treatment programs use inpatient and outpatient treatments to help individuals manage their addiction. Counseling and other therapies offer recovering people valuable tools for coping with cravings, managing triggers that tempt them to use, and strategies that can help prevent relapse.

If you are abusing prescription drugs like OxyContin, Ambien, Xanax, Valium, or others, you are putting your mental and physical health at risk. Moreover, there is always a risk of overdose. Protect yourself from the terrible effects of prescription drug abuse in Kettering and seek the addiction treatment you need to manage this serious problem.

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